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Bella Bad Blood

Call name: Bella


Hips: 'A' normal
Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear

MDR1: Clear
200+ Genetic Diseases Test: Clear
Registration: FCI, AKC 


Bella is an absolutely beautiful female with a deep deep red pigmentation coat with a dark black mask! She has a natural gait and floats across the ground! Bella has a more petite face/features. She has an amazing temperament, low/mild drive, and has never met a 'stranger' (everyone is her friend!). She isn't a dominate female and gets along great with every dog we have! She is overall just a fun-loving, outgoing girl! Bella is very affectionate and loves to follow our kiddos around! She produces puppies with deep red coats and black masks - stable and low/mild drive temperaments!

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