Frequently Asked Questions


What are your puppy prices?

Our puppy prices depend on who their parents are. It also depends on if you want limited AKC registration (pet) or full AKC registration (breeding rights). Our prices range from $2500-$3200

What forms of payment do you take? Payment plans?

We accept most forms of payment. Cash, check, money gram, Paypal, & Venmo. We do not accept personal check when you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks. We only accept personal check for the $500 deposit. We can also work with you on a payment plan! Please contact us for more information on payment plans.

What is included with buying a puppy?

AKC Registration UTD on all shots and dewormer 2 Year Hip & Elbow Guarantee Health Guarantee Microchipped Samples of NuVet supplement Puppy Care Package (surprise what's inside!) Lifetime Breeder Support

How much is a deposit and what is the process?

We ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit in order to hold your pick of the litter. You must pick either female or male when putting a deposit down. Deposits will be taken in the order that they are received. First deposit on a male will receive first pick male of that particular litter. We will email you a deposit contract to sign and send back to us. If you put a deposit down before a litter is born: **In the event that there is a false pregnancy, your deposit will then be used on another litter at Hughston German Shepherds. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. **In the event that you put a deposit down for a male, and there are only females in the litter, your deposit will then be used for another litter at Hughston German Shepherds. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. **Your pick of the litter must be made between 5-6 weeks old of age.

When can I take my puppy home?

We keep the puppies until they are 8 weeks old.

I live out of state but would love one of your puppies! How would that work?

We have sold numerous puppies to buyers out of state. We can send plenty of videos and pictures daily to help you pick the perfect puppy! We know professional USDA certified ground shippers that can bring your puppy to you! We only use the best of the best and can ensure your puppy with be taken care of along their journey!

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to get in contact with us would be to message our Facebook page, Hughston German Shepherds. If you dont have Facebook, you can either text us or send us an email. Unfortunately, we live in the middle of the woods and the service here is not the best for phone calls! Cell: 989-390-9294 E-Mail:

Limited AKC Registration vs. Full AKC Registration

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. This is frequently the option if you plan to only have your dog as a pet. Full Registration means that you have full breeding rights and litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. This is used if you plan on breeding your dog in the future. If you buy limited registration from us, full registration can be purchased at any time from us. Send us a message for more info.

Do you allow visits to see your dogs and puppies?

We don’t allow visits as we cannot guarantee that someone won't unknowingly bring any sickness, parasites, diseases or anything harmful into our home that could compromise the health, wellbeing and safety of our puppies and dogs. Until puppies have their first vaccinations at 6 weeks old, no visitation is allowed. We can provide video conferences where you can see the living conditions and get a feel for the environment that our dogs and/or puppies are in. We will send pictures and videos of our puppies and dogs upon request. We also update our page with weekly/biweekly photos of every puppy from birth and until they go to their new homes. We have detailed informaiton of each adult here at our place under the "Our Dogs" tab on our page. Please take the time to read through each adult and if you have any questions, please ask. We can provide references from our previous puppy parents, other breeders and personal references. A long with veterinary references upon request, and proof that our dogs are up to date on vaccinations upon request.

Puppy Care

What kind of dog food do you feed?

We feed Purina Pro Plan to our adult dogs and puppies.

What do you recommend for potty training?

We highly recommend incorporating crate training with potty training. We have found that in doing this method, potty training is done in a quicker amount of time. For further info on crate training / potty training, visit the links below:

Do you recommend any joint or health supplement for the puppies / adults?

Yes! We recommend using NuVet Plus for puppies and adult dogs. It has natural human-grade ingredients, USA-made in an FDA-registered pharmaceutical laboratory, and has a 60-day money back guarantee! You can order here: (save 15% with AutoShip at checkout!)

Hughston German Shepherds

Myles & Jessica Hughston

Falmouth, Michigan 49632

Text: 989.390.9294



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