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Sold puppy map tracker!


Hughston German Shepherds has puppies all over the United States! If you don't live in Michigan but would LOVE a puppy from us, don't worry! We can send plenty of pictures and videos of the puppy you like before you decide to purchase.


Our shipping options include ground transport or flight nanny to your closest airport! We use a handful of USDA certified ground shippers that will bring your puppy right to your back door! Ground shipping is affordable and safe! Shippers give updates along the way as well as photos! Flight nannies will fly with your puppy in cabin to your nearest airport. You would meet them there and they will hand off your puppy along with their belongings!

Flight Nanny

Hiring a flight nanny is the fastest way to get your puppy to you! We have a couple flight nannies that we work with and I would be happy to get a quote for you to your nearest airport. Puppies have to be under 25 pounds in order to fly in cabin with a nanny. The Nanny will fly in cabin with your puppy and you would meet them at their airport to pickup your pup!

Ground Transport

Hiring ground transport is the most cost efficient (depending on distance from us) way to transport your puppy to you! We work with USDA certified ground shippers that take pride in what they do. We have specific ground transporters that we trust and use for our puppies as our puppies' safety is our #1 priority. Ground transport will bring your puppy right to your house! Typically they will have other dogs along their route to drop off on the way, as this is their full time profession. They keep the dogs seperated and keep crates disinfected and clean. 

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