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Puppy Raising

Take the time to get to know how we raise, socialize, and train our puppies before they leave our breeding program to join your family!

We use aspects of Badass Breeder, Puppy Culture and Avidog programs to train and raise our puppies on!

Early Scent Introduction (ESI)


Early Scent Introduction (ESI) training is a process that helps puppies with their nose awareness and contributes to success in nosework, search/rescue, obedience, tracking, and more! ESI elevates their ability to identify and react to different scents. Early introduction to scents have shown to improve a dog’s scent ability later in life. 

We start ESI training at 3 days old and continue each day until 16 days old. We individually expose the puppies to a different scent each day. A puppy can have a positive, negative, or neutral reaction to the scent. 

We are hands on with our puppies from before they are born until the day they leave to your home. You can guarantee we have put our heart and souls into them.

Find out more information on ESI:

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