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Galla Vom Hundewald

Call Name: Galla

Hips: 'A' normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear

MDR1: Clear

200+ Genetic Diseases Test: Clear

Registration: FCI, AKC

Galla is the biggest sweetheart you will meet. I never met a dog that will give you a hug by wrapping her head around your shoulder, but she does! She has a lower to mild drive and excellent temperament. She's wonderful around children and strangers.  Galla will melt into your lap the moment you start petting her. She has a beautiful, deep red and black coat with a dark mask! Galla has the prettiest light brown eyes that I've seen and has carried over to some of her puppies. She produces puppies with lower drives and laid back personalities! She is a thick girl with big bones - she weighs around 80 pounds. 

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