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3xSG1 Kety Haus Nikonen

Call name: Kety

2023 0927 Edit 2.JPG

Hips: 'A' normal
Elbows: Normal
Titles: IGP1, BH, KKL
Show Ratings: 3xSG1
DM: Carrier

MDR1: Clear
200+ Genetic Diseases Test: Clear
Registration: FCI, AKC 


Kety is an absolutely stunning black and red female that we imported from Europe. She was extensively shown overseas and has numerous show ratings which includes Most Beautiful Female in show. Kety is our biggest female we have (height and overall body size). She is about 80-85 pounds. She is bigger boned with a larger frame. She has a wider face with a beautiful black mask. Kety has a mild drive with a great on/off switch from playful to literally climbing in your lap to cuddle! She is strong, confident, and very self-assured. We are very blessed to have her apart of our breeding program!

Sire: SG1 Fantom Emsi-Haus, IGP1, BH - Dam: V Iskra Von Panoniansee, IGP1, BH, KKL

2023 0927 Edit 1.JPG
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