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Kuma Vom vashaus

Call name: Kuma


Hips: 'A' normal
Elbows: Normal
Show Ratings: 2xVV1, VV2, VV3
DM: Carrier

MDR1: Clear
250+ Genetic Diseases Test: Clear
Registration: FCI, AKC


Kuma is a stunning black long coat female we imported from Europe! She has an impeccable pedigree as she is the daughter of VA2 Marcello Vom Legends Team, BH, IGP3, KKL1 and our very own, SG1 Roksana Von Simpor, BH, IGP1, KKL1, Wesensuberprufung. Kuma is around 75 pounds. Kuma is confident and self-assured. She is Ms. Personality and always looking to have some fun! Kuma has multiple show ratings from her time spent in Europe.

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