Neymar Von Haus Bogatic

call name: mars

Dog Grass Update 03052021.JPG

Hips: A1 normal

Elbows: Normal

Registration: AKC

DOB: June 22, 2016

Mars is a proven Serbian imported West German Showline stud with a beautiful deep red and black coat and a distinguished black mask that a lot of his puppies have. He is DNA tested through the AKC. Mars has a great structure and weighs around 85 pounds. He has a mild drive and absolutely loves to go swimming! Mars is confident, self-assured, playful, and loves to give kisses! He is very protective of our family and loves being around our kids.

Grandson of VA1 Ser, V4 China Sieger Onur Vom Haus Bifo IPO2

Great Grandson of VA9 2X VA1 (CN) Furbo Degli Achei SCHH3, IPO2

Mars has 8 VA’s and 7 V’s in his 4 Generation Pedigree.